Saturday, 3 April 2010

Unique, interesting, or just plain silly?

It's about time I actually involved my brain instead of persisting that 'I can't do it' or that I've got 'modellers block' when in actual fact I haven't sat myself down and really thought about the project! ;)

I always set out to build something unusual from the very start. Yes, there are more and more RAF base layouts nowadays, but they always use the same kits. I wanted to build something unique - a seaplane base, the only layout I can think of with a seaplane base is the inspirational and exquisite
Castle Rock (009, which of course also gained its inspiration from Calshot.

I really want this layout to be manageable, unique and well modelled. As for the unique part, today I've been thinking about building an irregularly shaped layout going out in different directions! I have no idea what this may look like, but it would probably help if it was symmetrical or near-symmetrical to make storing it easier.

The one thing that is holding me back is the standard gauge line and how to include it. I can think of plenty of layout designs for just the narrow gauge (after all, I can just copy from the prototype), but trying to add in standard gauge is proving more difficult than I anticipated.

I think it's because I am trying to stick to the prototype and thus I can't imagine a standard gauge line being there at all.

Soon, I just hope I can produce a quirky design for the layout. In the meantime, I just need help working out how to integrate the standard gauge line.

It's alright, you can wake up now ;)

The sketch above was drawn by me just opening Paint.NET and drawing a baseboard outline and drawing lines to try and get something that looks right. It really was made up as I went along.

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