Tuesday 29 December 2009

Calshot's First Video

Well I decided that I should finally make a video showing Calshot just to see if it was feasible. Why would it not be feasible? This is because of my apalling trackwork! OK, so it's not that bad, but I've recently had problems with dirty point blades from paint (which will need attention soon). Hopefully when the trackwork is cleaned and the fiddle yard finished I can finally have a good running session to try it out before Calshot's second exhibition (in May 2010). And yes, I did say something about a fiddle yard. I have started to build a fiddle yard for Calshot. It's particularly small and comprises of cassettes and a turntable - but not as you know it!


PHOTO: The cassettes are able to rotate 360 degrees and hold a complete train (rolling stock only) The locomotive pulls forward onto the turntable and can be turned if necessary. Then the cassette is moved to the back and an empty one lifted up and placed back in the guide slot for the locomotive to run onto. Wagons are then placed behind the locomotive and it is ready to leave to the scenic section.

Sunday 13 December 2009

Calshot - Moving Forward...

Moving Forward...
Well, over the last month i've been inundated with coursework and other reasons to take my mind of modelling. But fear not, because I am still working on the layout. Here is the latest progress that has been over the last couple of days. The layout has been sprayed with a tan coloured spray to represent concrete but will need going over with a bit of white to lessen the colour a bit. A few stone walls have been built, an ex-communication building built and it is finally moving forward...