Monday 1 November 2010

The Schneider Hangar

 Well I've been able to continue with the layout tonight and have followed up on someone's suggestion of how to fix the hangar door problems I was having and have started to make some good progress.

Basically the idea was that a trench would be dug for the doors to sit into, and two guides for the hangar doors to slot between attached to the roof of the hangar. The result mean not only doors where they should be, but result in the hangar looking to be sunk in the ground, and more excitingly it means I can have the doors in any position I wish - open or closed! I have also painted the hangar which makes it look much more presentable.

My parcel of two packet of Silflor arrived in the post today. Silflor is a product I've wanted to try ever since I heard about it. On first inspection it looks pretty good, albeit the spring grass will need toning down a bit! I'll need to experiment to get a good blend of hanging basket liner and Silflor.

You will also see that I have started to paint the two new bogie open wagons a nice green to match the covered goods wagon.

I hope I'm not boring you with all these photos as I have had rather a lot of updates recently! I've added a couple arty shots at the end to make a change.