Saturday 20 February 2010

3D Sketch

I've done a little 3D sketch just to try out the one possible idea I have come up with so far for half of the layout and it looks like it may work. Just need to work out how much space it will take up in real life.
I expect that i'll need to come up with something much smaller - I reckon the two boards should some to a total length of 1m 50cm or about 5ft I think. This means I have 0.75m or 2.5ft for each board. Expect to see more postings of sketches and I might draw some buildings as well that would be appropriate to the spit.
Click sketch to enlarge

Thursday 18 February 2010

Sketches, sketches and more thoughts...

Just quick post today. I've been thinking a bit more about this Calshot MkII and generally just scribbling plans. I appreciate the plans aren't very clear but I am notorious for scribbling really tiny sketches! The top bit shows the narrow gauge plan at Eaglehurst Camp in the 1950s with the bit below showing standard gauge proposed track. The next sketch under 'Calshot Exchange Station' shows a plan view of the proposed layout based on Calshot Spit with a hangar and officers buildings. And the bottom is a 3D sketch of the aforementioned plan.
Click on image for a larger version.

Saturday 13 February 2010

The Calshot Narrow Gauge Railway

Well, it's been a confusing week with decisions over the layout, so to give me some inspiration, I picked up a book to research the Calshot NG Rlwy further.

NG: Narrow Gauge
SG: Standard Gauge
CNGR: Calshot Narrow Gauge Railway

As I flick through, my love for narrow gauge is strengthened, however, what about the standard gauge stock I own. Well, obviously I won't get rid, so I need to incorporate that as well. I love the idea of a little tank engine running from the camp to the base at the spit, but I also wonder what the outcome would have been had the branch line from Fawley been extended (SG) to Calshot. How would the SG branch and the CNGR interact?

Thinking about this further, there is a lot of scope. Perhaps there would have been a SG/NG interchange somewhere past the camp such as at this brilliant example at Burnhill Junction

That first photo on the link has inspired me to a great extent - both SG and NG in existence, with a NG loco shed at the far end with security fencing on the right hand side - Brilliant!

As I said recently on RMweb, I have learnt many things:

1) And the most important - less is better! A small amount of buildings is better than the 8 I currently have on one small layout.
2) Place most (especially larger buildings) at the back of the layout.
3) Make sure you build a layout that is capable of being extended with ease in case you need to.
4) Use a series of small boards - not one huge/long one.
5) Lay trackwork level and test, test, test.
6) Give it a spacious feel with plenty of little details. (although urban layouts are probably naturally crampt in general)
7) Make sure it captures the atmosphere of the real place if you are basing it on one.
8) Don't be afraid to diverge from the prototype a little - If you feel the prototype lacks something you really want to include, it's your layout!

Now all I need to do is work out a plan...

Comments are welcome and encouraged!