Saturday, 20 February 2010

3D Sketch

I've done a little 3D sketch just to try out the one possible idea I have come up with so far for half of the layout and it looks like it may work. Just need to work out how much space it will take up in real life.
I expect that i'll need to come up with something much smaller - I reckon the two boards should some to a total length of 1m 50cm or about 5ft I think. This means I have 0.75m or 2.5ft for each board. Expect to see more postings of sketches and I might draw some buildings as well that would be appropriate to the spit.
Click sketch to enlarge


Ian Holmes said...

everything will "work" Jam.
It's just a question of how much room it will take to make it work...

Jam said...

Very true. I suppose I meant the word 'work' to mean whether the scene looks balanced or not. I would ideally like to get both standard gauge and narrow gauge as well as the domestic camp and RAF base into the 5ft I have available. Of course, I don't have to have the domestic camp at all if space is running out.

Iain Robinson said...

This looks very organic, i.e. has possibilities and could be very realistic. I think it is intriguing and certainly looks believable from this thumbnail.

Jam said...

Thanks for the compliments Iain.
I'd like to think I could spend more time working out plans for Calshot MkII and improving upon them. I like the idea of a little spit that has the flavour of Calshot such as the sketch, but I guess my most important aim is to make it 'flow' well as a scene.