Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Calshot MkII - 009 Diesel Critter

I have started construction of a freelance diesel (009) for Calshot. It is based on the Knightwing kitbash that I started a while ago and never got round to finishing. The chassis is from a Dapol M7, but it looks as though i'll have to add some lead weight in both bonnets. Here's where I have got up to so far:

Hope you like it, there's still more to do on it such as the rear bonnet end and handrails as well as other little details and tidying up. I'm pleased with it so far - it certainly took many mistakes to get it looking right. If you have any suggestions let me know, it will be nice to get advice from people more knowledgeable about scratch-building than me. Then at some point I've got a fleet of at least 6 NG wagons to build from scratch.

I'm still looking for a suitable plan for Calshot MkII, I haven't yet given up!


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