Thursday, 8 April 2010

Calshot Mk II v. 2

First, I must say how glad I am of some nice warm weather for a change!

Back to the layout, and this warm weather has meant I can spend some time outside on the laptop (Yes, I know it defeats the object of going outside!). I have come up with this design for the shape of the layout. Looking at it now, it's very similar indeed to Tom Dauben's wonderful Dunbracken seen here: Dunbracken which will be exhibiting at Narrow Gauge South this Saturday.

  As you can see, only the basics have been put on the 3D model so far, including baseboard, water, sand and the quay wall. I'm trying to balance drawing plans with doing coursework so I won't be able to do any more to the 3D sketch tonight, but look out for more later in the week.

Comments welcome as usual, it's good to hear what you think.

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