Sunday, 24 April 2011

Operation Mirror Image - Days 8 & 9

Another joint blog entry today. We only have 5 days left to get Calshot ready for showing! 
Today saw the pelmet being constructed mainly by my Dad (as I had coursework to do unfortunately!). It was a right pain in the proverbial to do but we eventually got there! It's a bit Heath Robinson and very much bodged but it all works (just about). The boards were set up in the garage as it provides a bit more shelter from the heat than the conservatory does. This has the added benefit of being able to work on all sides of the layout. The pelmet is part recovered from the previous layout but there is one major difference- it is split into sections. The sections can be pushed together or taken apart to make transportation easier and are attached by dowels inserted into blocks of wood (that are screwed onto the pelmet). Although it looks a bit flimsy in the photos, it is strong enough to support it's own weight so there are no real issues there.
The train turntable did not work as anticipated so we had to cut it down. (This is because the circle wasn't particularly circular!) I am hoping that fixing aluminium angled strip onto the sides will solve the rotation problems and make it a bit more level.
The other obvious addition are the trees. These superb examples were bought from The Model Tree Shop. I'm afraid the photos below are a bit rubbish and don't show them off too well, however, take it from me - they really are great!
The control panel has had a wooden hardboard shell put round the back of it. This will not be left as is - it will be clad with corrugated iron and from the hangar that was there originally.

And finally...
 I would like your opinion about what to do with the backscene. currently it is far too short and will eventually have to be reprinted. However, I was thinking as a temporary measure of having a 'curtain' of white/pale blue around the back of the layout. This would be attached similar  in fashion as a net curtain. I would appreciate your thoughts on this!


Ian Holmes said...

some late nights tonight this week then to get the layout ready for the show? I loved that part of exhibiting. Hope you get enough sleep tho'
Curtain sounds like a great idea

Jam said...

Thanks Ian.
Yes, late nights this week I'm afraid. I really do like exhibiting though - it's a lot of fun (as long as everything is going right!). I should be on target for finishing on time but let's wait and see!