Tuesday 19 April 2011

Operation Mirror Image - Day 3 & 4

Op. M.I. Counter
Time so far today - 6 hours split as follows:
3hrs - applying modelling clay
1.5hrs - ballasting
1.5hrs - painting
Running total - 11 hours over 4 days

As some of you may have heard, yesterday didn't go very well today. However, today was a different story and as you will see with the following photos I have made some rapid progress. The grass in the second photo by the engine shed will need to be considerably toned down as it is just far too bright. The modelling clay will be sprayed with Plastikote Suede Tan to represent concrete.

The abandoned Catalina is seen here grounded on the (as yet to be built) beach. An RAF personnel on a bicycle pauses on his journey to the spit head.

This shows off the painted stream and bank. This will eventually be covered in hanging basket liner.

Here is the NG engine shed in all it's dereliction. I have decided to portray it as a recently lifted line suggesting the demise of the NG. The shed will have a roof fitted eventually!
The concrete bridge is seen here in its unpainted state. It is constructed from foam board and balsa wood. It awaits handrails.
Hope you are enjoying following this quick build!

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