Friday, 15 April 2011

Anglicizing a German! - Part 1

Now, as you may have noted on my previous blog entry, I've bought a little NG shunter from Liliput.
Today I decided on some surgery to make it look a little more British. I did away with the glazing and chopped off the window frame and gave it an initial coat of green. The paint is still drying in the photos, and it will  need at least one more coat.


I have to say this is the finest locomotive I think I have ever bought! The whole thing is designed in a brilliant way - the cab just lifts off (held by two lugs attached on the glazing) and so does the bonnet. The chassis is fitted with a flywheel for smooth running and I think I'm right in saying it even has working lights!


East Town Workshops said...

This is a neat little loco! Where did you buy it from? Looks similar to one of our New Zealand Railways shunters.

Jam said...

Yes, it is an absolutely fantastic little loco! It is a German narrow gauge diesel shunter.
I got mine from Hattons: