Monday 12 July 2010

Trackbed complete

Trackbed complete

Time spent so far:

30 mins - ply base
1 hour - ply track supports
2 hours 30 mins - trackbed

4 hrs

This top picture shows the trackbed has been completed. (Without NG track shown)

This picture shows the NG track.

Next job on the list is to buy 3 right handed 009 points and two yard of flexible 009 track. I will be able to get some builders insulation for the rest of the board (to keep weight down) in the week so a start can be made on the basic relief of the land. The next job then will be to drill holes for the point motors and then pin all the track down.

Really glad this project is getting going - it has taken me too long to plan it. I've been thinking about the new layout for months now! The seaplane has been built awaiting painting and today I went to the real place to take some prototype photos (Over 100!). Looks like this layout might meet it's deadline...

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