Thursday, 15 July 2010

The construction of Calshot - Part Three - Basic relief

Construction is ongoing on Calshot MkII. Progress is a little slow due to lack of materials but I did manage to scrounge enough polystyrene to do the majority of the first layer of the basic relief. The polystyrene isn't quite thick enough to be up to the trackbed height so another layer will be needed.

In the photo below the Walrus seaplane is standing on the slipway (yet to be carved) and the inset image is one little cameo I hope to include which will be a sunken pillbox with exposed and eroded foundations with two residents - one lying on the grass and a fisherman nearby hoping to catch something from the Solent.

I like placing these little scenes for people to find and I expect you'll find more of these as the layout develops. Particularly considering I have an expanse of concrete I need to break up the monotony with these little cameos.

By the way, I'm tempted to add a little stream at the rear where the little girder bridge is similar to the stream that runs parallel with the spit before emptying out into the Solent. (Edit: I'm not sure it does go into the Solent but just ends in a pond!) The jury is still out on that one.

Anyway, here's the photo, apologies for the background but it's been too wet and windy to go outside!

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