Sunday, 18 July 2010

Construction of Calshot - Part 4

Just a small update. The layout has been moved to MkI's legs with a drape around it to win Brownie points! That way I can have it tucked in the corner and can work on it where it is out of the way. Having it like this makes me wonder if I actually need a backscene. Then again, it is not going to be very photogenic without one.

A sluice and little footbridge have been built from left over scraps in the scrap box (funnily enough!). Still needs the mechanism and a spot of weathering. If it's one thing I think will improve my modelling exponentially it is being able to weather objects. I should really buy some appropriate paints and weathering powders and experiment.

I have also started building some quay walls using DAS modelling clay. They won't be glued in place until the trackwork and electrics is done to prevent damage. I will need to score them to represent stones and also paint them at some stage. The photos below should help visualise the progress.

A long way to go, but slowly getting there! Comments welcome.

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