Wednesday, 6 July 2011

400mph on floats!

Hello guys,
It's been a while I know but now all the exams are over and I'm on my summer holiday!
Calshot+operation mirror image attended the Woodgreen Show and got some favorable comments.
This did somewhat surprise me if I'm honest because there was no backscene and the hangar was simply made from paper textures and if I'm honest looked quite bad! It definitely shows how not having a backscene is quite detrimental.

A surprise package came through the post a couple weeks back and in it comprised the above - a Supermarine S6.b. You will notice I have started to build the basics of the kit. So far, my initial reactions are that it's a very basic kit and will need some superdetailing, however, it did go together well though and suits the location absolutely spot on! I believe the real seaplane won the Schneider Trophy at Calshot. It also appears on my blog header. The kit will certainly benefit from rigging and there are a few areas where more detailing needs to be put on. It is a lovely little thing though, thank you Declan from SMC!

Anyway, I went to up to the real Calshot a couple weeks back and tried to take some panoramic shots for a new backscene. Only one worked I'm afraid but I'll need to find out how I can get it printed. I also have a new project on the go albeit a diorama.

Now I'm looking to replace the hangar with something more suitable. A couple weeks ago I bought some corrugated asbestos sheeting from the local model shop and today I set to work making a start on the rest of the hangar. The trouble with Wills sheets are that they are very small! Only 13cm x 7.5cm I believe which makes it quite expensive to build a large hangar! I'm debating whether I should use some Slaters sheets for the roof for this reason.

I'm very tempted to eventually have this huge hangar as a fully detailed interior. I can see that this will cost a lot in materials though - the roof trusses are going to be very hard to replicate and bl**dy fiddly I should think!

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