Thursday, 26 August 2010

7 days left and I'm pushing my luck!

Well I've only got 7 days left to complete the layout. This means I have had to work for long periods of time on the layout recently. Firstly I have had a friend round to do the wiring for me which I made the control panel for.

Today I've been scribing walls and scribing the gatehouse on the castle. I've also made a start on painting a basic sub-coat of colour to the stream area.

I have also completed all the infilling and areas where DAS clay has been used. You can see the slipway below all marked out with paving slabs. You can also see the scribed walls at the front, the ex-communication building on the left and the castle taking shape on the right. Eventually all the white areas will be painted.

And a new locomotive built for me by Matt. Looks the part and makes a brilliant addition to the layout. The backscene has been temporarily held in place by a willing assistant!

Hope you have enjoyed the update.
All the best,

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Anonymous said...


OMG all that white which isn't going to be white!

But sure, the loco looks something.