Friday, 6 November 2009

The Extensions Continue (Sorry for lack of updates!)

Finally, an update!

I firstly apologise for not updating this site for a good few months! Hopefully, things will start to pick up again now i've updated this thread.

Since the last update, another extension has been built to the right hand side which will include Calshot castle. I have also just finished putting in a narrow gauge line in running from the loco shed into the castle. The lighting pelmet has been redone and is now much stronger, and a new fascia put on.
Let me apologise also for the layout looking messy, there are a load of jobs I need to do! Here's a taster:


Iain Robinson said...

It's looking really promising, you have been busy! Looking forward to more pics when you have time.

Jam said...

Many thanks Iain, I'm at the stage now where I can sit back and think how far I have come.

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