Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wrecking a seaplane - Abandoned but not forgotten

Wrecking a seaplane
I seem to be on a roll with my modelling this week! Here's today's work turning that Catalina into an abandoned wreck. Still much more to do but it is getting there. These photos have been taken on a piece of mount-board with a backscene propped up behind. I hope you enjoy looking at this set and I would appreciate any comments, good or bad (as long as they're constructive negative comments!). The paint peeling off has been created using a sandpaper attachment on a Dremel. Weathering is with watercolour pencils (again!).


James H said...

Jam - wonderful. From these photos it looks incredible and very subtle - just like the real thing. It would be easy to go over the top but if this is just salt and sea weathering it'd be clean, just flaking with a few of those 'rusty' streaks on the wings - wonderful! Are you working from a prototype photo?

Jam said...

James - Thanks very much! Although I have been looking at photos of abandoned seaplanes I haven't been working from them as such. Its more of an approximation to various photos if I'm honest! I have had a few people suggest that rust streaks would not occur on aircraft as most of them were made from aluminium but I think I'll keep it as it is for now.

Rustyrail said...

Excellent model seaplane Jam! I see you have been very busy lately... keep up the good work. By the way I've just started on my blog again after ages away.