Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hangar progress...

Slowly getting there, but I've run out of corrugated asbestos sheets - annoying because there was only one pack left at the model shop. Never mind - I shall have to source some from an online retailer - along with some plasticard sheets and some more Plastruct bits, Silflor, 009 couplings and some cement rendering plastic sheets.

In the photos below the roof and lattice truss on the hangar has been balanced on top of a Parmesan cheese tub.

This shot looks bad in colour, but quite good in B&W:

Now I need to paint and assemble the pipe bridge in the background, and once I have everything I need, fully assemble the hangar and paint it a whitish colour. It also looks like I need to get some glaziers in to do the castle windows! Then the coastguard buildings on top of the castle will be built along with the quick firing guns before being painted.

An alternative (i.e more stable) radar tower? Spot the RTPlonk product!


Moving Companies said...

Amazing work!

Jam said...

Thanks very much!
Hope you enjoy looking through the blog.

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