Friday, 3 September 2010

8 hours and the Landford Exhibition

Well as the title suggests I've got 8 hours* to finish the layout ready for the Landford Exhibition tomorrow.
Loads more to do but I'm sure we'll get there. I've had the whole family helping me for the final push - something I did not expect!

So here are some preview photos to show where I'm up to. Once the rest of the castle is scribed I'll be even more confident than I am now.

I appreciate the photos show up a lot of gaps and imperfections but these will all be tidied up!

See you there!!


Anonymous said...

Crikey yes!

The very best of luck!

I bet the most important thing is that it runs pretty well and you can explain what else is going to happen. There's loads of not quite finished railways at exhibitions!

Jam said...

Thanks Micky!

With the old version I found I could talk to people at the exhibition about the history of the real prototype. The old layout was never finished but I have a feeling this one will be!

I'm hoping the running will be OK but I'll have to see if the exhibition Gremlins appear!