Monday, 13 July 2009

Industrial Inglenook

Welcome to my latest plan - it shows an inglenook set-up lower left. This is a radical change to previous designs for the extension as it is set in an industrial setting, much like Fawley is.

The trackplan should be easy enough to see, but here it is in schematic view:

I'm not sure what space this would occupy, but fiddling around with some old track would provide the answer. Yes it is a radical change, but would it be acceptable?

Comments welcome!



Ian Holmes said...

You might get away with it in 3'6" it all depends on how long you want your sidings and how sharp (or easy) you want your points

Jam said...

Thanks for that,
I'm currently drawing up a second plan which has a track plan slightly adjusted. I'm not too bothered about sharp points, each siding would probably need to hold a minimum of 2 wagons. With the next plan i've got, I can hold 6 short wheel based wagons in one siding and 3 in the other two.